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Blog - 3rd August 2019

Top tips on how to make it as a musician

We asked our CirKT new talent for their advice on what they’ve learnt along the way about how to make it in the music scene. In essence, be true to yourself and what you like, work hard and collaborate.

“Find your purpose for why you are doing something and just keep going on the journey. Being creative for your own purpose will give you more drive and inspiration to shape your unique sound than anyone else telling you to do so ever can.”
Brother Zulu

“Write music you like and develop an artistic P.O.V.  Also, don’t be afraid to stay out of the mainstream, because a lot of the requirements are fabricated. All types of artistic expressions are valid and have a place.”

Write and create as much as possible – don’t always wait for inspiration to strike either, just commit to the process. But when it comes to releasing your art, don’t rush it. Use as many resources as you can to execute your artistic vision.”
Mr Ekow

“Record yourself as much as possible. The microphone never lies, and you will learn what you/your band actually sounds like. Great music has a great story. Write about what you know, rather than faking something. Human beings are good at spotting genuineness. Practice your instrument or craft. I guess it helps to be obsessed. Collaboration is really important to stay ‘musically healthy’ and to get out of creative boxes. Check out gigs often! See how your favourite bands do it and set the benchmark.
Leo Appleyard, Urchin

“Practise really hard at your instrument or voice! The better you are technically, the more you will be able to express artistically.Make music that you’d like to hear. Don’t worry about what other people might like. Some people will have the same taste as you!”
Iyatra Quartet

“Collaborate as much as possible. Whether it’s getting a friend to write songs with you, getting someone else to record your work, make music videos, or illustrate posters for your performances or releases, I’ve learned the most about myself and my music from other people.”
Alex Brenchley

“Your way is the wrong way. That is until you make a success of it. Then your way is the right way! So, my advice is ‘don’t listen to too much advice!’ Most of it isn’t explicitly relevant to your personal thing and the rest is probably a distraction. And lastly, if someone gives you advice, even someone you look up to, remember, that’s just like, their opinion, man.”

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