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I'm a Volunteer

Want to volunteer for CirKT?

You can gain entrance to CirKT by volunteering with us! We are looking for a great team of volunteers, across all age groups from 18 upwards. Volunteers will play a big part in creating the amazing atmosphere at CirKT.

When volunteering, you’ll get entry to events, make new friends whilst volunteering, gain experience, contacts, and a reference for your CV and most importantly have an amazing time you’ll never forget!

Our volunteers can get involved with many different areas, including:

  • Providing information including directions, facilities, and performances, to ensure the event goers have the best time possible
  • Helping in the main office in the run up to the live events, helping with creating documents, our day to day administration and in helping to promote events through supporting the creation of marketing materials;
  • Helping distribute promotional printed materials in Kingston;
  • Helping find out and research what the public and audience like and would like to improve about events;

If you’d like to find out more about volunteering at CirKT please complete our volunteer application form here:

For any questions or to find out more please email:

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I'm a Venue

CirKT is seeking to partner with a wide range of venues and community spaces across the borough to showcase a dynamic, cross-genre mix of new talent and established acts.

This opportunity is open to a wide range of spaces – including but not limited to pubs, community spaces/halls, churches, clubs, local businesses.

To be a part of CirKT you do not need to need to be an existing music venue, nor already be presenting live music or have a license to present live music. We want to help join up all kinds of local community spaces, businesses and venues, with music talent and promoters.

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I'm an Artist

CirKT is always looking for exciting new artists to work with. Whether you’re in a band or going solo; are looking for the next step in your career or your first step onto a stage, we want to hear from you.

CirKT is committed to supporting artists from a range of genres – if you make music, we want to make your musical connections.

Fill in the form below to register your interest in performing at future CirKT gigs, and get ahead of the game for our soon to be announced 2020 programme.

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